“The Diamond Maker”- by H. G. Wells

        This short story was a very good example of stereotyping, and the potentionally bad effects it can have on society. You get to see it from both perspectives in this story. When the guy walks up, ragged looking and scruffy, the other man automatically thinks he is uneducated and unwealthy. To contradict his beliefs, the man tells him he actually runs a rather large business, he sells and makes diamonds. The other man is quite skeptical of the man. He knows nothing about him, doesn’t know his past or his education, but automatically thinks the guy could be lying. Now, if it was a guy in an expensive suite, reeking of strong cologne and freshly shaven, he would have been more believable. Perfect example of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

        The short story also shows how stereotyping can have a bad effect on those who participate in the action. Since the guy doesn’t believe the other sells real diamonds, he declines an offer of what would have been an amazing deal on a diamond. The reader doesn’t actually know if the diamond was in fact real, but if it were, the man has just passed a once in a life time oppurtunity, all thanks to his stereotypical mind frame. I think this poem teaches a good lesson: Don’t judge others. It sounds cliche’, but look what you could be missing out on.. it could be diamonds or it could be a good friend.


One Response to ““The Diamond Maker”- by H. G. Wells”

  1. Joshua Moody Says:

    My great grandpa was offered starting stock in Coca-Cola back in the 1920’s… he turned it down because the men who were selling it “looked like Mormons.” We could have been billionaires.

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